Natural referencing… a continuous work

Search engines respond to user requests in the most optimal way. They therefore display the best pages in first position.

To define the pages that really meet the needs of users, a scoring system is set up to assign a score to each page. The higher the grade, the better its position. This algorithm is constantly updated to improve search results.

Search engine optimization for your website

Optimizations are made to improve the position of your website on search engine result pages

Optimizations :

The 4 pillars of SEO

Fix technical problems of the site according to the standards imposed by the search engines to improve the score of the different pages of the site.

We are always on the lookout for new SEO practices to ensure your site’s visibility on the top positions of search results
  • Semantic Strategy
  • Netlinking strategy
  • Technical audit
  • Geolocated strategy
  • Ergonomic audit
  • Analysis of the figures
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • International Strategy
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